Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dear you , Sometimes you make me smile , Sometimes you make me cry , But My Love for you will never die .♥

Dear you,

No matter how hard things are going on between us, I won't stop having faith that things will get better soon. You know that I overthink too much, and you know I get jealous so easily. I really really don't know what to do already, things happened. And I can say that it was my fault. I made a bad decision way too fast without thinking about the consequences. Whatever happened, they're still in the past and I'm a nobody to turn back time and make things better. I just want you to know that I love you so much. I don't think we're still going to be together if I didn't find you back. I know things are getting worse between us. I know you're already like, gave up on me and that's why you didn't even find me back when we were fighting that day.

I'm really really sorry for every single thing I do that might hurt your feelings and I'm really really sorry for everything. I just realized that I seriously can't live without you. You're the one that can make me happy and you are the one that's successfully made me feel so blessed ever since last two years. Thank you for every single thing you gave to me, thank you for the effort that you showed me, thank you for being way too faithful and loyal and thank you for everything you've done to me. I really really appreciate you.

Just tell me if you don't need me anymore. Tell me if you can't find the happiness with me anymore. I'll try to accept it no matter how hard it's going to be. Getting over the problems we had is just way too hard for me. Forgetting it is way harder. Tell me how can I get over it if it's always on my mind like 24/7? I'm begging you to please give me time to forget about it. Bring back my strong self, I need it.

I trust you more than anything and I'm begging you to please don't ever take any chances to love or even like any girls out there, please don't tell me lies, please don't break my heart into pieces, please be with me until my last breath, please make me happy as possible as you can, please be faithful, please be loyal, please respect our relationship, please remember me, please take me into your mind 24/7, please remember all the things I've been reminding you ever since we first love each other, please love the walls that we've made since February 12th. I never want you to change and I never ever want you to go.

I know I don't have the rights to tell you what to do. But please know your limits. We've been together for one year +, I know it's not that long but I've loved you way too much I swear. I can barely stand whenever you're not here with me. Even when you're off to somewhere too far from me, my life's been way too miserable. Please don't ever leave me just because of the third person.

I always tell you that I can't sleep at night because of this and that but only god knows what I've been doing for the past few nights. Wallahi, I've been praying all night long asking forgiveness from Him, begging Him to make things better between us and begging Him to give in marriage for us. Please be the one for me until we step on our own bridal bed, until we have our own zuriat, and of course until Jannah.

I don't know if you want to be with me forever too, so tawakal and redha is the best thing that I can do now. Again, thank you and I'm really really sorry for everything. I love you very much, from the very bottom of my heart. You're the best thing that's ever happened in my life. Thank you.

Sincerely , Siti Athilah .

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